Photo Guide for: LEWIS & HARRIS
Both Lewis and Harris, part of the Outer Hebrides, make a great road trip for your EV and are particularly fascinating to see through a camera lens! If you want to find the best photo spots on Lewis and Harris, look no further - I've listed them all for you! From sea stacks to historical sites to quirky curiosities. This article is the best summary for your next photo tour of the island.

Photo Guide for: NC500 SCOTLAND
Are you looking for the best photo spots along the NC 500? OK, you found what you are looking for! During our 5 months EV road trip as travel photographers, we covered the nothern part of the NC500 - from Wick to Ullapool. Let me show you see the most beautiful spots, historic sites and photo locations along the NC500, with map where to find the exact positions!

Photo Guide and EV road trip for: ORKNEY
We spent 12 of 143 days during the Fiat 500e EV road trip in Orkney. Read the article to get to know the most beautiful spots, historic sites and photo locations in the amazing Orkneys! Get background information, be inspiration for your own trip and find all spots on a map. After reading you can't wait for your own trip to Orkney! And you will be well prepared not to miss the best sights with this overview of the islands.

We spent 14 of 143 days during the Fiat 500e EV road trip on the Shetland Islands. The islands are not only a paradise for landscape photographers. They are also very suitable for a trip in an electric car. Distances are not long and EV charging stations are evenly distributed from north to south, including on smaller islands, not just the mainland.

Photo Guide for: ABERDEENSHIRE
Of course, our EV photo road trip also took us to the more than beautiful east coast of Scotland. Mainly Aberdeenshire - but also Fife, Moray, Angus. The area boasts photogenic landscapes and sceneries. Be it on the coast, be it in the Highlands of Cairngorms or on the Castle Trail. Get a guide where to take photos and where to charge and eat vegan in the meantime. No range anxiety or hunger anymore...

The Vegan EV Travellers in East Lothian
5 months photo road trip of at least 10,000 miles. Sound epic? OK. But 5 months in an electric vehicle? In a small Fiat 500e. Sound crazy? You may be right. The first month of the journey took me to East Lothian. I've been to Northumberland before. And to Edinburgh. But somehow I left East Lothian out. And now I'm wondering why. Sustainable travel also means avoiding the typical hotspots that are overcrowded. And that's what I loved about East Lothian... Read more...

Saxony Photo Tour Guide
Saxony in Germany is a country straight out of a fairy tale. Medieval castles on rocks, bizarre rock pinnacles, villages like painted, and baroque cityscapes.

England Photo Tour Guide
For me personally, England (or better said the whole UK) is the best country worldwide to practise your landscape photography skills. The country is amazingly beautiful. But also interesting villages, architecture features and street photography is a delight in England. See the most beautiful (photo) spots of the country in this guide - with interactive map!

Italy Photo Tour Guide
There's a good reason that Italy is the dream destination for amateur and professional photographers. From stunning hilltop villages to spectacular mountain ranges, rolling hills and a vibrant history (and don't forget the good food!) - Italy has it all. Islands, mountainous areas, sheer cliffs, secluded sandy beaches, hilly areas - name it and you will find it. See the most beautiful (photo) spots of the country in this guide - with interactive map!

Switzerland Photo Tour Guide
Summer or winter - Switzerland is a real gem for photographers. Some spots are hard to reach and you need to hike. But also easy accessible spots you'll find in this photo tour guide. From North to South - travel through the Swiss Alps with this guide, interactive map included.

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