North East Scotland and the East coast are often overlooked by travellers and photographers, apart from Edinburgh, of course. This is not understandable as this area of Scotland offers some of the finest photo opportunities. You can find more castles than anywhere else in Scotland, plus a beautiful coastline. Let me show you in this guide my 20 favourite photo spots in North East Scotland. With directions and maps to each spot.

Photo Guide For: NC 500 Scotland
The North Coast 500, often shortened to NC500, is a 516-mile scenic route around the north coast of Scotland. It takes you through some of the most stunning scenery in the country, including rugged mountains, white sandy beaches, and remote fishing villages. It's a must-do for landscape photographers, so grab your camera and discover the 30 most beautiful photo spots! With directions and maps to each spot.

Photo Guide for: Tuscany & Umbria
Tuscany is a renowned destination for photographers, while its close neighbour Umbria remains relatively unspoilt. Offering similar scenery to Tuscany, but with fewer tourists and a more relaxed atmosphere, Umbria provides a hidden gem for photographers. In this photo guide, I'll showcase some of Tuscany's must-visit photo spots and enhance your photo journey to Central Italy with a selection of breathtaking locations in Umbria. Prepare to be amazed!

Photo Guide for: ORKNEY
Venture into the enchanting archipelago of Orkney, an awe-inspiring realm off Scotland's rugged coast, and capture its captivating essence through your lens. This photo guide unveils 20 unmissable photo spots, each brimming with photographic potential. It will equip you with everything you need to unlock Orkney's photographic potential: navigation tips, the best times for capturing the most captivating light, walking directions, and more.

Photo Guide for: LEWIS AND HARRIS
This free online guide will give you 30 must-visit photo spots on the stunning islands of Lewis and Harris, which are part of the Outer Hebrides archipelago. The islands are known for their rugged mountains, sweeping coastlines, and tranquil lochs. Lewis boasts a rich history dating back to the Neolithic period, with ancient monuments and ruins scattered across the island. Harris is a land of contrasts, with abandoned buildings and charming details that are both decaying and beautiful.

Photo Guide for: FAROE ISLANDS
In springtime with only little crowds, I embarked on an exciting journey to the Faroe Islands, a remote archipelago nestled amidst the North Atlantic Ocean. With its dramatic cliffs plunging into turquoise waters, quaint villages adorned with turf-roofed houses, and a unique blend of natural beauty and Nordic heritage, the Faroe Islands promise to be an extraordinary photographic playground. Here are the 20 must-visit photo spots for the Faroes! With interactive map to see the exact location.

The Shetland Islands, a remote archipelago off the coast of Scotland, offer photographers a unique and stunning landscape. With its dramatic coastline, towering cliffs, and abundant wildlife, the Shetlands are a photographer's dream. From the iconic Bressay Lighthouse to the breathtaking Hermaness Cliffs, there's so much to see and to capture with your camera. Here are the 20 must-visit photo spots for the Shetlands! With interactive map to see the exact location.

Photo Guide for: ABERDEENSHIRE
Of course, our EV photo road trip also took us to the more than beautiful east coast of Scotland. Mainly Aberdeenshire - but also Fife, Moray, Angus. The area boasts photogenic landscapes and sceneries. Be it on the coast, be it in the Highlands of Cairngorms or on the Castle Trail. Get a guide where to take photos and where to charge and eat vegan in the meantime. No range anxiety or hunger anymore...

The Vegan EV Travellers in East Lothian
5 months photo road trip of at least 10,000 miles. Sound epic? OK. But 5 months in an electric vehicle? In a small Fiat 500e. Sound crazy? You may be right. The first month of the journey took me to East Lothian. I've been to Northumberland before. And to Edinburgh. But somehow I left East Lothian out. And now I'm wondering why. Sustainable travel also means avoiding the typical hotspots that are overcrowded. And that's what I loved about East Lothian... Read more...

Saxony Photo Tour Guide
Saxony in Germany is a country straight out of a fairy tale. Medieval castles on rocks, bizarre rock pinnacles, villages like painted, and baroque cityscapes.

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