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Switzerland Photo Tour Guide
Summer or winter - Switzerland is a real gem for photographers. Some spots are hard to reach and you need to hike. But also easy accessible spots you'll find in this photo tour guide. From North to South - travel through the Swiss Alps with this guide, interactive map included.

10 BREATHTAKING PHOTO SPOTS IN THE DOLOMITES. Switzerland has mountains. Apparently. Austria too. Germany also has a few. But to my liking - the best part of the Alps that you can find in Italy, especially in the Dolomites. It is a landscape photographer's paradise. Some spots are easy to get to, unfortunately you can feel it when you share your photo spots with dozens of other photographers. To some places you have to hike a bit. You will only meet a handful...

10 BREATHTAKING PHOTO SPOTS ON ICELAND. OK, let's face the truth. A trip to Iceland isn't as much fun as it was once. Too many tourists are overcrowding the best spots, well known through Instagram. But there is also good news: if you 1. don't only focus on (the admittedly easy reachable) spots in the South and 2. if you dare to visit Iceland during the harsh winter time, you will experience an atmosphere which is truly unforgettable! And as more as you venture up North - as less tourists...