Switzerland has mountains. Apparently. Austria too. Germany also has a few. But to my liking - the best part of the Alps that you can find in Italy, especially in the Dolomites.


It is a landscape photographer's paradise.

Some spots are easy to get to, unfortunately you can feel it when you share your photo spots with dozens of other photographers.

To some places you have to hike a bit. You will only meet a handful of photographers.

And to some places you have to climb and the likelihood that you will be on your own is quite high.


Since climbing is not everybody's cup of tea - and is not that easy to do with full camera equipment on your back - we will concentrate on the first two categories of photo spots in this article.


Best travel time is May, June, or September, at least for photos.  From October onwards many spots are already closed for winter. 


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pHOTO SPOT 1: Lago di braies


I know that everyone loves the photos of this lake - so I feel obliged to include them in this photo guide.


But to be honest - I think it's highly overrated.

Since it's easy to get to by car and a flat walk, it's crowded. No it's more. It's hell.

During the day you can hardly walk on the small path - let alone set up your tripod.

The lake itself is full of row boats. Not because people enjoy the scenery, which is undoubtedly beautiful.

But because they are trying to get the best Instagram snap out there.

And sometimes you show up at 5 a.m. - only to find out that the whole lake is being closed for a film set.


The best light is the sunrise - but to get a decent spot you should be there at least 1 hour before sunrise - otherwise the good spots are already taken by other photographers...


If your in the area -  I think it's nice to get there for once.

But it's not a place that I would often return to.


What is not due to the landscape - it is more than beautiful. Just not as idyllic as the photos suggest.



PHOTO SPOT 2: Lago di landro

Easy reachable lake with a car park nearby.
From the car park walk towards the left side of the lake until you reach a little beach.


Best time for photos is definitely sunrise when the lake is like a mirror and the first rays will reach the peaks of the mountain range.



PHOTo spot 3: Lago d'antorno & lago misurina

Two lakes for the price of one! And the good news is - both are very accessible.

The two lakes work at both sunrise and sunset. So stay the night in Misurina and take the opportunity!

If you ask me, I would suggest sunset on Lake d'Antorno and sunrise on Lake Misurina.


Lago d'Antorno is a very small lake, but it often offers you a beautiful reflection of the back of Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

The famous "look" is the bridge and the reflection in the small whole of the weed. It's right next to a parking lot (the restaurant across the street is recommended - good food and nice people).


Lago Misurina is bigger and you can find different spots. But the famous spot is taken from the north side of the lake in the direction of the istituto-pio-xii - the large building that is beautifully reflected in the water with the mountain - especially in the early morning, of course.



photo spot 4: Cinque Torri


The hike to the Cinque Torri is not too difficult - or you can just take the chairlift that will take you straight to the best photo spot. That's next to Rifugio Scoiattoli, a lovely restaurant with decent rooms to stay overnight. Excellent food!


Since the Cinque Torri work best at sunset or sunrise - either hike (the chairlift closes earlier) or stay at the rifugio. I do the latter with my groups. In the evening you have the whole landscape to yourself, which is so special!


Book your room well in advance - they're popular!


When you reach the top, you have a 360-degree panorama. The five towers (Cinque Torri) are just one photo opportunity. You can also do a bit of hiking and explore the area. The paths are not too difficult to master even with camera equipment.



photo spot 5: passo giau

Passo Giau is one of my favorite places.

You can park your car on the side of the road and try different places:

Near the hut with Mount Nuvolau as a backdrop.

Go up the hill across the road for a good overview.

Go left and right and you'll find small ponds reflecting the mountains or wooden huts as the foreground.


For me it works best in the evening and sunset.



photo spot 6: santa maddalena & ranui

Santa Maddalena and Ranui are two churches with the impressive Geisler group in the background.


The small and single Ranui Chapel isn't really flexible about the creativity to take a photo.

It's on private property and the owner doesn't want you walking on the lawn. But they built a platform to take the famous photo. If you want to take a closer look at the church, you have to pay admission.


The photo spot of the small village of Santa Maddalena and its church is only reachable by foot, the road is closed for public traffic. Park your car in the village and walk up the road behind the church (about 30-40 minutes from the parking lot) for a good view.


The best time for the Odler Group with Ranui and Santa Maddaelna is definitely sunset, when the last light illuminates the mountain range.



photo spot 7: seceda

The Seceda is a mountain in the Puez-Geisler Nature Park with a very impressive peak.


Due to the increased interest "thanks" to Instagram, there were unfortunately some selfie accidents.

While a few years ago it was still possible to walk along the ridge, everything is now fenced off and forbidden.

Still you get wonderful shots.


To get there, you can take the cable car from Ortisei.

Arrived, take the path up on your left. The best view is from up there.

Then you can take a path below the ridge towards the summit until it is fenced off.


Best on a cloudy day when the clouds are gathering behind the summit.



photo spot 8: passo sella

Passo Sella is the perfect place for the sunrise.

Instead of parking in the large parking lot, drive a little further up and park in one of the parking bays.

Climb the hills and get a perfect overview of the three peaks lit by the first morning light.


It can be worthwhile to get up 20 minutes earlier and arrive at the blue hour - fascinating when the whole mountain shines without contrasts.




PHOTO SPOT 9: passo falzarego & lago limides

Not far from Cortina d'Ampezzo is this beautiful pass road called Falzarego.


You can also drive a little further on the Valparola pass road for a monumental view of Falzarego and the surrounding peaks.

And of course the small chapel Cappella della Visitazione, the shape of which mimics the mountain behind.


After you have refreshed yourself at the pass with an obligatory coffee in the Café Passo Falzarego, unpack your hiking poles and take a short hike up to Lago di Limides. It takes about 30 minutes to get there and is an easy hike.


It's simple enough that you can stay there until it gets dark. The descent is no problem with a torch.

And the sunsets on the lake are just amazing. Together with the wonderful reflections of the trees, it is a typical alpine fairy tale.




photo spot 10: Tre cime di lavaredo

The highlight of every Dolomiti tour is of course the Three Peaks!


It's a bit of a hike to get to the best spots - but it's definitely worth it!

I recommend booking a room at the Rifugio Locatelli in good time so that you can spend the night up there and experience both sunrise and sunset.


But a day tour is also very pleasant.

Start your day with a drive to Rifugio Auronzo (it's a private road and the fees are increasing every year, now it's almost indecent what they want - but you have no choice unless you want to hike two days).

Be there before sunrise, which you can enjoy from the Rifugio Auronzo.


After sunrise, take your hiking sticks and make your way to the Rifugio Locatelli, which takes about three hours - including many breaks to photograph the breathtaking panorama.


When you arrive you will have the most fantastic view of the Three Peaks. There are also some caves to explore and two lakes.


Stay until sunset and walk back to the car at dusk. The way is safe enough for that.

Or even better - stay overnight in the Rifugio. They have very basic rooms and the service is not the friendliest. But who cares in this environment!




After this short trip around the Dolomites, I hope you share my thoughts that these are the most beautiful peaks of the Alps!

They are definitely worth a photo trip.


Please leave a comment or ask a question (below). And of course you may also share this post.


All Fine Art photos of the DOLOMITES you may find here: 


Editorial photos of the DOLOMITES you can see here: 


If  you are interested in a tutorial, guided photo tour or workshop - please get in contact with me, I guide groups and individuals  and do photo workshops since 2014.  CONTACT ME





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